One of the brands of the Edilkamin Group, Italiana Camini has 60 years’ experience. It is a seasoned and highly efficient corporation with premises that occupy a surface area of over 100,000 sq.m.

Founded in the early ’90s in Controguerra (in the Italian province of Teramo), within only a few years Italiana Camini gained widespread success thanks to a combination of the technology and experience of the Group and the excellent price/quality ratio of its products.
Then as today, our success also hinges our extensive range of solutions with a discreet, traditional design. All our products can be easily adapted to any home living style.

Desirous of offering its clientèle increasingly advanced solutions, the Group has never ceased to invest in technological research: thus more and more innovative products with low environmental impact have been created – as testified to by prestigious European certifications. An advanced support network for installation and technical assistance, tried and tested at a national level, guarantees reliability, promptness and safety.


The Group has always been highly research-driven as well as attentive to technological developments and determined to improve its product quality. This is the reason that lay behind our decision to set up an ultramodern test room, capped by the Siemens analyser with Ultramat 6 and Oximat 6 sections. In this, the advisory services of the department of Energy Technology of the Polytechnic of Turin were invaluable. A specialised department then enables us to simulate and test even the most complex integrated thermo-equipment.

All Italiana Camini products bear the CE marking and the following harmonized European product standards.

Products, in addition to the CE marking and according to rules:

EN 13229 – Fireplaces

EN 13240 – Wood-stoves

EN 14785 – Pellet stoves

EN 303-5 – Boilers

in accordance with need, shall comply with the criteria set by:

FLAMME VERTE – French certification

BlmSchV – German requirement for domestic heating appliance

BAFA – German Energy Ministry

EKO SKLAD – Slovenian Ministry of Energy.