Idro 70


Modern wood burning fireplaces with back boiler operation that replaces or works alongside traditional gas and oil boilers, allowing savings of up to 40% on heating costs. 
In addition to heating the whole house, they can produce hot water for domestic appliances. All models come with a rotisserie attachment. 

• thick, robot welded steel structure 
• automatic smoke by-pass control mechanism 
• ceramic glass resistant to thermal shock up to 800 °C. 
• air combustion adjustment damper. 

Idro 70 two doors.


Technical datamin/max
fireplace mouth measurement (W x D x H)cm56x47x51
useful outputkW23
useful output to the waterkW13,3
fuel consumptionkg/h6,1
water contentl70
Ø combustion product outlet cm20
Ø external air intakecm10
total weightkg230
vol. that can be heated (depending on the type of system)600